Wind Damage

Wind Damage Can Come in Many Forms and We Can Help with It All

Wind damage can include trees ripped from the ground, shingles ripped from roofs, broken windows, cracked siding, broken gutters, and much more. As a property owner, it is important to have wind damage repaired before the issues become more serious. Contact call Dennis Emergency Restoration at 626-660-8601 to get help with wind damage restoration.

Roof Repairs Needed Due to Wind Damage

One of the parts of a property that is most vulnerable to wind damage is a property’s roof. Winds in some storms can get as high as 300 miles per hour, yet an asphalt roof is not likely to withstand winds faster than 80 miles per hour. In short, a roof can literally be swept off of a building by wind. Even premium roofing can lose shingles if there is a wind storm.

Of course, shingles are not always lost. They can be bent or curled too, both of which are indications of wind damage. This still requires repairs or you could end up with a compromised roof.

Wind Damage That Occurs to Trees

Trees can also take the brunt of wind damage. Trees can fall over on a rood, which can cause leaks into the home and damage from debris that enters the home. Wet flooring, soaking furniture, mold, mildew, and bad smells are just a few of the consequences that can occur. While they may seem like nothing more than irritants, they can actually cause structural damage that costs tens of thousands of dollars to repair.

Unseen Wind Damage Can Occur Too

The above examples are very obvious and unlikely to be missed by property owners. However, some types of wind damage are less obvious. Virtually invisible gaps in the roof caused by storms can allow UV rays into the home. These rays can damage your roof, make it less vulnerable, and could result in the need for expensive repairs.

Wind Damage Can Occur to All Types of Siding

Regardless of the type of siding you have, it could potentially be damaged by wind. Vinyl siding can split, crack, chip, and break due to high winds or debris driven by the wind. Aluminum siding can show signs of wind damage including dings and other damage. These are just two types of siding that are known to be susceptible to wind damage.

Windows Can Suffer Wind Damage

High speed winds can damage windows too. They can shatter or break the glass, or cause holes, cracks, or dents in it. The wind can damage or dent frames, can chip or crack paint, wood, or siding, and cause other damage.

We Can Talk to Your Insurance Company Directly About Wind Damage

If your property has wind damage then we have good news for you: When you work with Dennis Emergency Restoration, we can work directly with your insurance company to have the cleanup and repairs done without you paying a cent. Call call Dennis Emergency Restoration at 626-660-8601 to begin the process.