Water Damage Restoration

You Have Found the Best Company for Water Damage Restoration

Choosing the right water restoration company can mean the difference between saving your home and your belongings or losing it all. Water damage happens for many different reasons from street flooding to heavy rainfall to leaking water tanks. Regardless of the cause of the water damage you are dealing with, you can count on Dennis Emergency Restoration to provide help 24 hours per day. Call us now at 626-660-8601 if you need immediate help.

It is Essential That You Get Help Sooner Rather Than Later

In order to prevent the worst damage, it is essential that you call for help as soon as possible. You need a company that knows how to take your inconvenience and prevent it from becoming a serious crisis. Prompt work can minimize the long-term damage and the innovative equipment and techniques we use can ensure the results are as good as possible.

We Arrive Ready to Salvage and Restore

When our team arrives at your property, they will be fully ready to salvage and restore carpeting, furniture, and other belongings to their pre-flood condition if possible, all while ensuring that any electrical safety problems are handled before any serious issues develop. Our services both limit the amount of flood damage and can help save you thousands of dollars in restoration costs.

Trust Us to Have the Most Innovative Equipment Available

Not only are our technicians certified, but we also have the most innovative equipment on the market. This includes powerful vehicles with the latest in water extractors, a full range of equipment designed to detect moisture, hygrometers and saturation testing equipment that can find hidden moisture, eco-friendly deodorizing agents that can fight bacteria and other contaminants, industrial-strength dehumidifiers, and disinfection equipment and products that can stop the growth of mold, fungi, bacteria, and mildew.

Depending on your particular needs, we may also use our fast-action turbo dryers that circulate warm air and evaporate moisture to dry walls, footings, carpets, and furniture, the latest in advanced drying equipment that we correctly monitor and regulate to ensure optional conditions and to reduce the chance that you will have wall or floor swelling, and top-branded cleaning units that can work to get your property back to its pre-flood condition.

Call Now for Help with Water Damage Restoration

The first step is for you to call Dennis Emergency Restoration at 626-660-8601. We can then come to your property to assess what needs to be done. Depending on the specifics of the damage, we may be able to get started immediately or we may take additional fact-finding steps to find all hidden leaks and moisture. We will communicate with you at every step so that you know what you can expect.