Sewage Damage Restoration

Do Not Wait to Call for Sewage Damage Restoration: This is an Emergency Situation

If you have a sewer backup and resulting damage, you should consider this an emergency situation. The water involved could contain bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that could result in serious illnesses or even death. At Dennis Emergency Restoration we have the special training required to provide the comprehensive sewage damage restoration you need.

There Are Three Levels of Contamination

Sewer damage is classified into three types of contamination:

  1. Clean water
  2. Gray water
  3. Black water

The seriousness of your restoration needs will vary based on the classification it falls under. This classification will also affect the extent of the necessary treatment.

Sewage Damage Restoration for Clean Water

The least serious of these three classifications is known as “clean water.” It is water that comes from a clean water source. Examples include a broken water line or a faucet with a leak. Do not assume that since this is the least serious that it does not matter – if it is not handled quickly then it can accelerate into a category two or three.

Sewage Damage Restoration for Gray Water

The “gray water” category refers to water that is contaminated and those contaminants could cause illness, discomfort, or other negative outcomes. Examples include a washing machine that has overflowed, a toilet that has urine in the bowl but not feces, and dishwasher leaks or overflows. This type of water could have bacteria or viruses and can turn into a more serious issue very quickly if it is not treated.

Sewer Damage Restoration for Black Water

“Black water” is significantly contaminated and could cause serious illness or even death if the water is ingested or comes into contact with persons. This water should be avoided at all costs. It could include water from flooding of rivers or streams, toilet bowl water with feces, standing water that has microbial growth, or water from beyond the toilet trap.

This type of water may have untreated sewage, microbes, and harsh chemicals. This should be considered an emergency situation and you should call for help right away. Do not attempt to clean this up on your own. You can call Dennis Emergency Restoration at 626-660-8601 for help 24 hours a day.