Mold Removal

Only Trust an Experienced Company for Comprehensive Mold Removal

If you need mold removal then you need an experienced company. This is not something you can trust to your local handyperson. Making a seemingly minor mistake or missing even a small amount of mold can lead to further damage to your property and the potential for serious health concerns. At Dennis Emergency Restoration we take mold removal seriously and are here to ensure that it is done correctly the first time.

The First Step is Containment

Once we have determined that you have a mold issue, our first step is to ensure that it is contained. If it has not moved beyond a room or two, or one section of your property, then we want to make sure that it does not do spread while we are removing it. Depending on the severity of the mold and where it is, once it is contained to a certain area you may be able to return to the property.

We Remove Damaged Materials

There are many porous materials within a home that can become damaged by mold. This includes:

  • Drywall
  • Crown molding
  • Carpet
  • Wood flooring
  • Baseboards

These are just a few examples. We will thoroughly examine the property to remove any materials that have suffered mold damage.

There Are Many Different Pieces of Equipment We May Use for Total Mold Removal

One of the reasons to work with Dennis Emergency Restoration is the fact that we treat every job like the unique one that it is. We do not follow a step-by-step list made for someone else’s property. Instead, we consider the mold contamination you are dealing with and look for the most effective and affordable options to remove it. This may include use of one or more of the following:

  • HEPA vacuums. Often used before, during, and after any material removal, this particular type of vacuum can control mold spores that have made It into the air. In some cases, a shop vacuum with a HEPA filter is the right choice for the initial work, with the HEPA vacuum coming into play for the final pass.
  • Air scrubbers. This air filtration device pulls mold and other contaminates through a HELP filter and then returns the clean air to the property. We will often vent it outside to create negative pressure within the containment.
  • Mold issues are often the result of water damage, which means that industrial-strength dehumidifiers are often needed to get rid of excess moisture. Once the mold removal is completed, you should be left with a dry environment that will not encourage future mold growth.
  • ULV Fogger. This sprays a fine mist through areas that are affected by mold. This mist is anti-microbial and clings to the mold spores while they are in the air. The mold spores then drop to the surface and can be wiped away easily.
  • Once we have cleaned your property, we may recommend encapsulation. This requires the use of an anti-microbial paint that gets rid of stains on your walls while also preventing mold from growing back.
  • HVAC system cleaning. In most cases, a home that has a mold issue should have a through cleansing of its HVAC system. This should be done yearly for most homes anyway, so it’s generally wise to do it after all mold has been removed.

Of course, this is just a few of the types of equipment we might use. We use the equipment that is right for each individual job. If you are ready to learn about what might be right for your home or business, contact Dennis Emergency Restoration at 626-660-8601.