Do you provide board up services?

Yes, we do provide board up services to secure your property after a disaster. There is a specific process that must be followed when boarding up a property so it is best to leave this task to the pros rather than attempt it yourself. All too often, amateur board up jobs don’t succeed in keeping out trespassers and if someone gets hurt while on your property you may face a liability issue.

Won’t my property just dry out on its own?

No, if you have had extensive water damage on your property, you need to take special steps to facilitate drying. If this is not done promptly, your expenses will only increase as mold can begin to develop within 36 hours. Dennis Emergency Restoration can speed the drying process by removing wet materials like carpeting and pads, removing baseboard trim to provide airflow to wall cavities, and placing air movers and dehumidifiers around the property.

Do i really need professional smoke damage restoration?

Yes! Remember that smoke particles are extremely tiny but each one can still cause a mighty odor. These particles will be all over your property after a fire. Simply cleaning all surfaces won’t eliminate the particles that have become trapped in various nooks and crannies. However, professional odor elimination services will. Also bear in mind that synthetic materials and organic materials create very different kinds of smoke residue. The best way to properly target both kinds of residue is with professional help.

How can I tell if I have a mold problem?

Any materials that have been subject to damp, wet, or humid conditions for an extended period of time could potentially develop mold. A moisture meter can be used to look for hidden pockets of moisture inside your property, which can then be checked for mold. By the time you notice mold on the outside of a wall or on top of a carpet, you can bet there is even more mold on the inside surfaces.

What can I do while I wait for Dennis Emergency Restoration to arrive?

Dennis Emergency Restoration can typically be at your property within an hour. However, every second counts so you may want to take a few damage control steps on your own. You can start by opening up windows and/or setting up fans to promote air circulation. You might also want to place small scraps of wood between your furniture and any wet flooring to help prevent staining.

Can Dennis Emergency Restoration really start work immediately?

In most situations we can begin restoration efforts immediately. However, in the case of a major fire, we may need to wait for a licensed inspector to declare the structure safe before entering.

Will my insurance company pay for your services?

Yes, you can use our water, mold, and fire damage restoration services no matter what insurance provider you may have, so long as the damage is covered under your policy. We will actually handle much of the interaction with the insurance company for you.