Smoke Damage Restoration

Get a breath of fresh air in your home with professional smoke damage restoration services.

Smoke Damage RestorationEven if you have not had a fire in your own property, smoke from a nearby fire could easily result in damage. To minimize the impact of any kind of smoke damage and get the best possible chance of cost-effectively restoring your property to its original condition, it is absolutely vital to contact a certified professional such as Dennis Emergency Restoration as soon as possible.

We Handle All Levels of Smoke Damage

Whether a fire has left your property with a slight lingering odor or an unbearable smoky smell, Dennis Restoration can help. We use the following 4-step process to chase smoky odors from your property.

  • Step 1: Ensure all debris from the fire as well as any unsalvageable materials have been removed from your property.
  • Step 2: Clean all salvageable items and surfaces to remove sooty, odor-generating residue.
  • Step 3: Release a special deodorizing fog that will bind with odor-causing particles and remove them from your indoor air.
  • Step 4: Seal any surfaces that may be impossible to clean or remove to prevent ongoing odor release.

Each step of this process will be carried out by highly skilled and fully certified smoke damage restoration specialists, who have completed IICRC training in this area and understand how to implement industry best practices to get each client the best possible result.

Additional Services

If a fire on your own property was the source of your smoke damage, you will likely need additional remediation services in order to restore your property to its original condition. Save time and money by using one single contractor for all these activities! Dennis Emergency Restoration can provide fire damage restoration services to eliminate problems associated with burnt materials and water damage restoration services to remove water sprayed in the course of firefighting efforts along with general cleanup and mold prevention services. We can also handle any reconstruction work that may be necessary to repair or replace various building materials.

Professional Smoke Damage Restoration Services are Just a Phone Call Away

Don’t live with dirty, smelly, smoky indoor air one moment longer. Call Dennis Emergency Restoration for fast and effective relief from this situation, any time day or night.

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